Here it is! The day is finally coming!

Details assssssss follows!

Theme : GET SET !

Date : 30th August 2008

Time: 9.00 am – 12.30 pm

Venue : Brother Phillipe Wu Hall, Catholic High School Petaling Jaya

Dress Code : STRICTLY Club or School Uniform

Entrance Fee : F R E E

We’re featuring :


Vishal The VP of Samad!

Sharon Shalinee And Dalila with their awesome voices!

Diffusion Crew!

A kickass opening act!








And Our Plans Are….

So here’s the activities we (everyone kembangs) B.O.D have come up for you guys!

August : Ichihara Club from Japan visiting.

October : Share – A – Book Project (Vijay’s Main Plan througout his Presidency)

November : A visit to the children’s ward in Universiti Malaya. *Priority to B.O.D* (My idea =D)

December : ICC Prom Night (It’s an ICC thing lol) & Start designing recycling bags

January : Bag sales on GERKO and Cookie Day

February : Picnic with Orphans

March : ICC Concert

April : International Understanding Day of ICCHS. Theme : Vanishing Demons, Awakening Angels.

May : Supercamp (Form 3’s (Form 4 ’09) advised to go)

June : Club Trip to Kuala Kubu Bharu. Jungle-trekking

July : Elections.

Video Presentation And Behind The Scenes

Oritey! Guys we gotta get moving with the video presentations! I’ll be announcing in the meeting tomorrow but here is those who need to be like in the vids :

First all the B.O.D’s for you introduction videos. You guys know who you are. Shih Xuan and me are done with ours.

Secondly those in charge of backdrops, backstage, emcees, security, refreshments, cleanliness, ushering and decorations PUHLEASEEE! Set a date tomorrow! We can’t put this on hold anymore. We need to film your beautiful faces.

Also tomorrow bring your money money money for the uniforms and be at the club! You don’t want to miss your uniforms now do you? Be on time. Meeting ends fast tomorrow. Samadians will be auditioning! And everyone, cooperate in tomorrow’s meeting. We want an organized meeting. The old B.O.D is checking us out. So your best behaviours please!

I’ll be posting the year agenda in a few days time so plase log back on for that!

Have a great night and VIVA LA INTERACT! =)

Something I Reckon Should Be Watched

Heyya I just received this link an email. It won the Best Short Film Award in the Cannes Film Festival. Took a look at it myself. Its awesome. So simple yet extremely beautiful. Should be watched by everyone. Trust me on this. =)


Starbucks Photos

Hey ya’ll. The photos from Starbucks that I put up are not all. It’s just very time consuming to upload them all. And not to mention super frustrating. So if you guys want the other photos, you can just add me on msn : fareen109@hotmail.com and I’ll send em to you okay? Love and kisses. Report card day tomorrow! Get all your excuses ready! =) Nights.

La Salle’s Installation 2008/2009

Date : 25th July  2008

Time : 2.00 pm – 4.00pm

Venue : La Salle School Hall

Theme : Carpe Diem

Dress Code : Strictly Club Or School Uniform

Be there, or be square! =)

Uniform Deposit!

Heyya! Just a reminder don’t forget to bring your uniform deposit tomorrow (along with the fine) which would add up to RM 35.00. If not the Interact Ah Longs (Jie En And Jin Chuan) are gonna come after you! =) Have a nice day.

PS : Auditions are tomorrow. So those auditioning tomorrow. Good Luck!

Starbuxxx! Photos!

Heyya ya’ll! Here’s some pics from the Starbucks trip. It was AWESOME! Bitter coffee on your tongue, nothing beats the pleasure from that. =P For those who went, try to spot yourself. For those who didn’t, HA HA, Better luck next time =P!  I don’t have the big group one with all of us in it yet. *points at Karthiik* He has it! Thank you to Int. Dhiren for the pictures! Owe you one!

Out To Starbucks!

Hello! For those logging in to the blog this morning, we’re going to Starbucks today! Yay! So remember be at the round table at 9.45 sharp! And make sure you’re wearing none other then the club t-shirt and jeans! And be on your best behaviour! We don’t want to go around making Yue Vern mad. At least not today! =) We’ll be back by 1.30 or maybe 2.00 so for those whose parents are fetching them, make sure you have your handphones with you! Have fun and please go take a shower! =D

Sri Aman’s Installation Day 2008/2009

Theme : Ignition

Date : 5th July 2008

Time : 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Venue : SMK (P) Sri Aman Hall

Entrance fee : RM 5

Dress Code: Strictly Club/School Uniform


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